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Behind-The-Scenes for 1023 Forest Avenue September 1, 2019/in Articles, Blog, For Sellers, Marketing, Multimedia / By David Tobener When the stunning Queen Anne Victorian home at 1023 Forest Avenue in Palo Alto presented itself to us, we knew that a standard video shoot just wasn’t going to be enough to do it justice. Designated as a Landmark Property by Palo Alto Stanford […]

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GLOBAL REAL ESTATE TRENDS – PART TWO: JAPAN AND FRANCE June 15, 2019/in Articles, Market Trends, Tech & Business / By Ken DeLeon I have always found that many of life’s greatest lessons are learned through traveling. Since discord is a greater teacher than concord, it is by challenging yourself and seeing new and distant lands where most growth […]

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2018: YEAR IN REVIEW   By virtually any measure, 2018 has been a turbulent year for Silicon Valley real estate despite the general local economy doing very well. Overall, businesses have been thriving but there have been some hiccups along the way. In the spring, a variety of local tech companies found themselves answering questions […]

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  THE DIMINISHING ROLE OF BUYERS’ AGENTS By Michael Repka Over the past 20 years, technology has enhanced and improved many industries. The quality of products and services has gone up, while, thanks to improvements in efficiency, the cost to consumers has often gone down. Unfortunately, real estate is not one of those industries — […]

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THE COMEBACK KID: JOSEPH EICHLER By Michelle Lee, DeLeon Marketing Dept A LOOK AT THE HISTORY OF EICHLER HOMES AND THEIR RESURFACING POPULARITY Grab a piece of paper or your smartphone and jot down some of the key elements that are must-haves for your dream home. Do you favor more traditional styles or post-modern designs? […]

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THE VALUE OF NARRATED VIDEOS By Michael Repka   The way that real estate is typically sold in Silicon Valley varies from the way that many sellers may envision. Nowadays, buyers like to be able to access properties on their own schedule with their own agents without the seller or even the listing agent present. […]

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TAX TOPICS—DEDUCTIONS FOR PASS-THROUGH ENTITIES On December 22, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the “Act”) into law. This sweeping legislation dramatically lowered corporate tax rates, encouraged multi-national companies to bring money back to the United States, generally lowered individual income tax burdens, reduced mortgage interest deductibility, and, perhaps most significantly for […]

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  2017: YEAR IN REVIEW By Ken DeLeon, ESQ. and Michael Repka, ESQ. It started off with the area—and the nation as a whole—adjusting to the notion of a Trump presidency. During the latter half of 2016, the market was quite lethargic as voters remained cautious due to the uncertainty of the election. Generally, many buyers sat […]

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AVOIDING FLOORPLAN FLAWS By Ken DeLeon | Founder There is nothing more exciting than the idea of building your own custom home. This project can be both very fulfilling and also an excellent investment of your time and money…[read more] THE DELEON TEAM RETURNS TO CHINA By Michael Repka, ESQ. | CEO & General Counsel DeLeon Realty is […]

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DETERMINE YOUR LIST PRICE By Ken DeLeon | Founder A famous empirical study by Steven Levitt, one of the authors of the famed Freakonomics, discovered a fundamental difference between listing prices that real estate agents choose for the homes of their clients and their own properties. An economics professor at the University of Chicago, Levitt examined the Chicago real […]

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Table of Contents Summer Splash Resolving Real Estate Disputes Silicon Valley How to Compete Against an All Cash Offer Community Spotlights   SUMMER SPLASH: BUY A HOME BEFORE THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR By Michael Repka, ESQ. | CEO & General Counsel Buyers often say they would like to purchase a home over the summer and settle […]

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Table of Contents DeLeon Realty’s Most Significant Innovation Yet! Michael & Ken Go to College Playing the Odds Neighborhood Spotlights Active Spring Market Color Trends San Francisco – America’s Second City DELEON REALTY’S MOST SIGNIFICANT INNOVATION YET by: Michael Repka, ESQ | CEO & General Counsel We formed DeLeon Realty with the belief that there […]

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