The DeLeon Insight September 2017


By Ken DeLeon | Founder

famous empirical study by Steven Levitt, one of the authors of the famed Freakonomics, discovered a fundamental difference between listing prices that real estate agents choose for the homes of their clients and their own properties. An economics professor at the University of Chicago, Levitt examined the Chicago real estate market and found that agents would price their own properties higher than those of their clients. The agents’ properties would take longer to sell but, in the end, obtained a higher price…READ MORE


By Michael Repka, ESQ. | CEO & General Counsel

Whenever homeowners mention the possibility of selling their home without using a professional real estate agent, various agents are quick to counter with the argument that a lot of legal pitfalls are lurking out there. These agents continue that the sellers need a qualified agent to help the sellers navigate through the disclosure and legal landscape…READ MORE


By Adrian Tan | Realtor®, MBA, Buyer Specialist for Palo Alto

Tesla, Inc. started taking $1,000 deposits for its new solar roof tiles back in May and will begin installing roofs in California any day now. So, what do you need to know about their new technology, and what does it mean for us here on the Peninsula? Read on to find out…READ MORE


By Ken DeLeon | Founder

When Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods Market recently made headlines, I was reminded of my desire for a combination of the quality of Whole Foods with the pricing of Trader Joe’s. That wish may be granted due to the aforementioned acquisition. However, this desire for the best products at affordable pricing is not limited to groceries. DeLeon Realty has instituted an analogous value proposition to create the best of both worlds for our clients…READ MORE

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