The DeLeon Team Announces its New Satisfaction Guarantee for Sharon Heights Homeowners

I love Sharon Heights for its rolling hills, convenient location and diverse architecture, and, of course, its people. Regrettably, Sharon Heights homes have historically sold for less than I believe they should, and less than similar homes in Palo Alto, Los Altos, and other parts of Menlo Park.

Some of the blame for this may fall squarely on the shoulders of the local real estate agents. I theorize that agents who specialize in Sharon Heights have not invested enough effort and marketing dollars to get the word out to all potential buyers about the wonderful lifestyle Sharon Heights affords. Instead, many agents focus only on buyers that are already looking for a property in Sharon Heights instead of drawing outside buyers to Sharon Heights. These agents merely place the home on the MLS, or “network” with other Sharon Heights or Menlo Park agents. At best, they run an ad or two in the
Almanac, none of which is enough.

What’s even worse, some agents brazenly ask for periods of exclusivity (a.k.a. “off-market” or “pocket listings”) whereby only that agent, or a limited number of agents they know, are allowed access to a property. This limited exposure results in limited competition, and most likely, a limited sales price. After all, it is common sense that limited exposure does not help the seller get the highest possible price. At the same time, limited exposure increases the likelihood that the listing agent (or brokerage) will receive commission from both sides of the transaction, which usually means the agent “earns” double the commission for a stunted sales price. This is good for the agent, and for potential buyers looking for a bargain, but bad for sellers.

The way that people buy homes has changed, technology has changed, the market has changed, yet some listing agents remain locked in the past. Clients deserve more.

Simply put, agents need to get the word out to buyers that are looking in other parts of Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Mountain View, Portola Valley, and Woodside—in addition to Sharon Heights. Furthermore, listing agents have to reach buyers from around the world.

The DeLeon Team is perfectly positioned to do this. We are the #1 real estate team, with the highest sales volume in the entire country, and very dominant in Silicon Valley. Not surprisingly, we out sell all individual listing agents and teams in Menlo Park. Thus, we know which agents have buyers and what those buyers desire. We also advertise our listings to a very broad market via multiple newspapers, magazines, foreign language papers, TV commercials, radio ads, and direct mail. Additionally, I will be in Abu Dhabi in October, India in November and Shanghai in December to promote my listings. It is
virtually undisputed that we provide more marketing, and better marketing, and to a wider audience, than any other team or agent in Menlo Park. There really is a reason we are #1 in the entire nation.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our vast resources, experience and superior business plan put us in the best position to properly market your home. We are so sure that you will be thrilled with the DeLeon Team, we are offering an industry changing guarantee to Sharon Heights homeowners. If you are unhappy with our listing service in any way, we will waive all of our commission. You will simply reimburse us for our out-of-pocket expenses. As an added show of good faith, we won’t even charge you for the staging.
I doubt any other real estate agent or team has the confidence to match us on this revolutionary contractual guarantee.

Offer valid on all Sharon Heights listing agreement s signed by 12/31/2019 irrespective of when the home comes on the market. In other words, Sharon Heights homeowners who sign a listing agreement in 2019 will receive all of the above mentioned marketing and satisfaction guarantee even if the home doesn’t come on the market until sometime in 2020.

DISCLAIMER: DLR is not looking to interfere with any contractual arrangements you may currently have with any other real estate agent. However, if you are not contractually obligated to work with another agent, we would love to meet with you to explain what has made the DeLeon Team #1 in the Nation.