Agents often tout a National Association of Realtors® study that found that over 90% of buyers utilize the Internet as part of their home search. Given that this is true, shouldn’t your home get the best possible online presentation?  It is worth a few moments to visit each listing agent’s property websites and ascertain their level of web sophistication and presentation skills.

Michael, or a professional actor, will host the video and provide voiceover narration, which allows us to point out the unique elements of each house and its location. This is very important for high-end properties because many of the striking construction and design details within these homes are quite subtle. In addition, we film television commercials to ensure we reach targeted buyers. Keep in mind that many buyers of truly special homes aren’t even actively looking — they just see a home and fall in love.

Additionally, with so many buyers coming from other parts of the nation or the world, our professional videos give us a chance to showcase a home to influencers who may not be able to see it in person. In fact, we have sold many homes, including those over $10 million, solely from our videos without the buyer ever physically viewing the home. Furthermore, the videos generally include information about key selling points of the area, city, and neighborhood. For a sample of our video tours, please visit