Exclusive Photography

May 26, 2019/by DeLeon Team

The Hidden Dangers of “Off-MLS” or “Pocket” Listings

March 29, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Spring Bloom 2019: Springtime Real Estate Listings

February 6, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Silicon Valley’s New Icon: Apple Park Campus

February 1, 2019/by DeLeon Team

Copywriting 101: How to Write Effective Ad Copy

December 2, 2018/by DeLeon Team

LPS Shanghai 2018: Returning This Winter

November 15, 2018/by Melanie Yu

Open House Liability: The Risk and Benefits of Open Houses

November 3, 2018/by Audrey Sun

Seminar 8/23: Steps to Maximize Your Real Estate Sales Price

August 1, 2018/by DeLeon Team

DeLeon’s Difference – How Content Localization is an Advantage in the Industry

July 18, 2018/by michelle

8 Steps to Buying a Home Infographic

June 15, 2018/by DeLeon Team

The Peril of Pocket Listings

March 18, 2018/by Michael Repka

How to Properly Market a Home’s Location

February 26, 2018/by DeLeon Team

Utilizing Technology in Marketing

February 8, 2018/by DeLeon Team

Why Buyers Love ATHERTON So Much

February 8, 2018/by Ken DeLeon

Low-Inventory Markets

November 10, 2017/by DeLeon Team

Best of Both Worlds

September 16, 2017/by Ken DeLeon

DeLeon Realty’s Industry-Leading Videos

August 1, 2017/by DeLeon Team

Guidelines to Marketing Selling-Points

July 17, 2017/by DeLeon Team

Summer Splash: Buy a Home Before the New School Year

July 6, 2017/by Michael Repka

One Less Thing to Worry About With Our One-Year Maintenance Plan

June 15, 2017/by DeLeon Team

Infographic: How Brokerages Handle In-House Deals

May 19, 2017/by DeLeon Team
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