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Hidden Dangers

By Michael Repka, ESQ. | CEO & General Counsel Whenever homeowners mention the possibility of selling their home without using a professional real estate agent, various agents are quick to counter with the argument that a lot of legal pitfalls are lurking out there. These agents continue that the sellers need a qualified agent to help […]

Resolving Real Estate Disputes

By Michael Repka, ESQ. | CEO & General Counsel Most real estate transactions close without a hitch. Agents on both sides explain the rights and responsibilities to their clients, and everyone does as required and expected. By and large, agents are competent and thorough, and buyers and sellers are reasonable. But, things don’t always go […]

Michael & Ken Go To College

By Michael Repka, ESQ | CEO & General Counsel Over the years, a number of fantastic teachers and professors have inspired me to push myself, explore varied interests, and maintain a thirst for knowledge. To this day, I owe a debt of gratitude to all of them for the time they devoted to helping me […]

Why Open Houses Are Useful

BY: MICHAEL REPKA, ESQ. | CEO & GENERAL COUNSEL Sellers often ask me whether they should hold open houses and, if so, how often? What I have found is that some sellers are too quick to dismiss this powerful tool, while others overestimate their importance. The Importance of Open Houses DeLeon Realty’s unique approach to selling […]

Free Money From The California Association of REALTORS®

  Michael Repka, ESQ., DeLeon Realty CEO – March 30, 2017 The California Association of REALTORS® has recently launched a wonderful new program to help first-time homebuyers save money on their homeowner association (H.O.A.) dues. In a nutshell, the Housing Affordability Fund’s Homeowners Association Grant Program will give qualified first-time buyers up to six months of H.O.A. […]

The Right Thing To Do When The Deal Goes Wrong

MICHAEL REPKA, ESQ. DeLeon Realty CEO – March 10, 2017 Unlike many states, California does not require attorney involvement in the purchase and sale of residential real estate. Although this works out fine in roughly 98 percent of the transactions, many people find themselves in a real jam the remaining two percent of the time. Unfortunately, most […]

DeLeon Realty Announces Its One-Year Home Maintenance Service

The DeLeon Insight January 2017 Issue By Michael Repka, Esq., DeLeon Realty CEO When buying or selling a home, it has always been important to select the right Realtor®. However, the home itself usually remains the same, irrespective of which agent represented the property. That has all changed with the introduc­tion of the DeLeon Realty/HomeSmiles […]