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Palo Alto Preserves Historic Homes; Homeowners Benefit Too

by David Burckhard While more famous as the center of contemporary, high-tech achievements, Palo Alto is also rich in local history. Nothing better demonstrates that than the diverse and remarkable collection of its iconic homes. Locals and soon-to-be locals are fortunate that the presence of historically significant residences provide character and a sense of place, […]

Reverse 1031 Exchanges

By Michael Repka, Esq. (LL.M.—Taxation; NYU School of Law (’01)) The federal government and the state of California provide for the deferral of tax when a taxpayer exchanges investment or business real property for other real property that will be used as investment or business property. This is commonly referred to as a “1031 Exchange” […]

Dishonesty in Real Estate

by Michael Repka, Esq. Dishonesty in Real Estate — Fraudulent Marketing Techniques There are an awful lot of real estate agents out there and they all seem to be scrambling for the same potential clients. Given the low barriers of entry in the real estate industry, and the tremendously high commissions, some agents give in […]

Danger of Live Offer Presentations

By Michael Repka, Esq. In Silicon Valley, the typical approach to taking offers on a home is for the buyer’s agents to present their clients’ offer in-person to the listing agents and the sellers on offer date. The buyers are generally not present for this presentation. The listing agents often advice their sellers to remain […]

The DeLeon Team Presents at the 2018 AREAA National Convention in Las Vegas

by Michael Repka, Esq. As the world continues to shrink due to efficient transportation and ever-evolving telecommunications, global reach has become critically important. This is as true for real estate as it is for most industries. The real estate community is served by countless professional organizations that go to extraordinary lengths to enhance the lives […]