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DeLeon Realty’s Summer Splash

Buyers often say they would like to purchase a home over the summer and settle in before the new school year starts. Nevertheless, the majority of listings are brought onto the market during the two seasonal windows of spring and fall. In effect, the summer becomes a “dead time” in large part because of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Namely, Realtors® believe there will not be […]

Capital Gains and 1031 Exchanges

By Michael Repka, LL.M. (Taxation) DeLeon CEO/General Counsel “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin Though cheating death is a fool’s game, strategically and legally avoiding taxes is a game for winners. While most Silicon Valley sellers inevitably accept the large tax bills they will […]

Real Property Tax Breaks under the Williamson Act

DeLeon Insight – January 1, 2016 Michael Repka Esq., DeLeon Realty CEO, LLM (Taxation) For most California homeowners, their annual property tax is based on one percent of the amount they paid for the property, and increased by up to two percent per year. Additionally, they pay for debt service on bonds issued to benefit the property, provided that this amount does not […]

8 Questions to Ask Your Listing Agent

The successful sale of a home requires a listing agent who employs a strong team and a comprehensive marketing approach. The seller will rely upon the listing agent for market expertise, negotiation acumen, and reliable advice regarding various procedural and legal issues associated with the transaction. Without question, listing agents must be able to assume […]

Breathing Life into an Expired Listing

Anyone who has ever walked down a café-lined street in an unfamiliar foreign city understands the draw of a crowd. Whether a packed restaurant or a bustling store, interest reflects desirability. A few years ago, my wife and I were in Tokyo looking for some good sushi. We had already enjoyed the guidebook’s suggestions and […]