Move-Up Buyers

By Darrell Martin | Realtor®, Mountain View, Sunnyvale Buyer Specialist Many homeowners have owned their current home for a while and would like to “move up” to a larger, nicer, or more conveniently located home, but they may not be familiar…

Renovation & Re-Sale

By Jillian Mrsny | Interior Designer There is a fine line between creating a trendy home renovation and a lasting home upgrade. Using trendy materials and designs in your next upgrade can be appealing ways to bring your home into the current century.…

Menlo Park: Creating Your Lifestyle

 By Annaliese Train | REALTOR®, JD, Menlo Park Buyer Specialist “Lifestyle” is defined as a “particular way of living; the way a person lives or a group of people live.” A lifestyle is a composite of motivations, needs, and wants, influenced…

Guidelines to Marketing Selling-Points

By Sarah Last | Copywriter Often, when many people tell the same story, it will change slightly each time it’s told. The same holds true for a home. Each buyer who steps through the front door will see the home a little differently than the previous…

Neighborhood Spotlight: Community Center of Palo Alto

By Adrian Tan | Realtor®, MBA, Palo Alto Buyer Specialist Community Center, as it is appropriately named, is just that—a community-centric neighborhood of Palo Alto where residents feel a strong connection to each other and the neighborhood itself.…



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