Palo Alto’s Protégé: A Review

By Michelle Lee California Avenue has always been a birthplace of subtle sophistication and timeless trends. Spanning just under half a mile for their commercial sector, every tenant has rightfully earned their spot here. The newest addition to the area is no different and successfully aims to set a new standard for the neighborhood. Nestled […]

Has Silicon Valley and SF eclipsed NYC as America’s Top Region?

by Ken DeLeon “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” This line from Frank Sinatra’s aspirational “New York, New York” reflects the long-held belief that New York is the epicenter of American commerce and progress. Yet, as technology pervades more industries and becomes the ubiquitous driving force of innovation and wealth creation, […]

How to Prep Your Kitchen On A Budget When Selling Your Home

By Margie Fontanilla |DeLeon Interior Designer Few would question the notion that the kitchen is one of the most important areas of a home. The kitchen sees the highest traffic, incorporates the most appliances, and provides the most function. Whether galley-style or part of an open-concept space, the kitchen needs to be arranged so that it […]

The Power of Digital Marketing for Real Estate

By Mike Ran, Online Marketing Specialist Trends and buzzwords come and go, but establishing an effective online strategy means focusing on what works. For the digital presence of real estate brands, evolution is important but the foundation should always be constructed on proven systems. Targeting and Analytics One facet of successful online marketing is breadth […]

Eight Listing Traps to Avoid

By Michael Repka, ESQ. Many sellers enter into a listing agreement feeling very optimistic and with a high level of trust in their listing agent. However, there may be devils lurking in the details of the listing agreement that the sellers are being asked to sign. Many sellers erroneously conclude that they can sign the […]

Real Estate and the Millennial Home Buyer

By Huy Vu, Senior Buyer Specialist The American Dream has not changed for Millennials. It is very much the same dream our parents might have had: a career, a family, and a home. It’s just taken us more time to get there because we grew up in a world where unpaid internships and contract work […]

Construction Techniques – Insulated Concrete Forms (“ICF”)

By Michael Repka Over the past decade, the building industry has become more environmentally conscious while also striving to find ways to improve the quality and durability of homes. One construction technique that has seen increased popularity in recent years is building with Insulated Concrete Forms, also known as ICF construction. Traditional residential construction generally […]

Mountain View: A City of Action

By Alex Seroff, Vice President of Listings   Mountain View enjoys a near-ideal location, with easy access to both San Jose and San Francisco. Between the natural beauty, the wonderful business environment, and all the dining and recreation options in and around Mountain View, residents have many wonderful things to enjoy, however, no one enjoys […]

Cash is Still King

By Darrell Martin, Senior Buyer Specialist Many times over the past year, I have learned that the winning offer for a home was an all-cash offer. Fortunately, some of those winning offers were made by buyers I had the good fortune to represent. After another one of my buyers’ all-cash offers was recently accepted in […]

Tax Topics—Deductions for Pass-Through Entities

By Michael Repka, Esq. (LL.M.—Taxation, NYU School of Law ‘01) On December 22, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the “Act”) into law. This sweeping legislation dramatically lowered corporate tax rates, encouraged multi-national companies to bring money back to the United States, generally lowered individual income tax burdens, reduced mortgage interest deductibility, and, […]