Renovation & Re-Sale

By Jillian Mrsny | Interior Designer There is a fine line between creating a trendy home renovation and a lasting home upgrade. Using trendy materials and designs in your next upgrade can be appealing ways to bring your home into the current century. However, it can also be the downfall in creating an upgrade with […]

Menlo Park: Creating Your Lifestyle

 By Annaliese Train | REALTOR®, JD, Menlo Park Buyer Specialist “Lifestyle” is defined as a “particular way of living; the way a person lives or a group of people live.” A lifestyle is a composite of motivations, needs, and wants, influenced by factors such as culture, family, peer groups, and most importantly – where we […]

Guidelines to Marketing Selling-Points

By Sarah Last | Copywriter Often, when many people tell the same story, it will change slightly each time it’s told. The same holds true for a home. Each buyer who steps through the front door will see the home a little differently than the previous buyer. An imposing, rustic stone fireplace might attract some […]

Neighborhood Spotlight: Community Center of Palo Alto

By Adrian Tan | Realtor®, MBA, Palo Alto Buyer Specialist Community Center, as it is appropriately named, is just that—a community-centric neighborhood of Palo Alto where residents feel a strong connection to each other and the neighborhood itself. With a population of approximately 2,000, Community Center sees very low turnover with only 14 homes being […]

How to Compete Against an All Cash Offer

By Caroline Wong | Realtor®, Attorney, Los Altos & Los Altos Hills Buyer Specialist I often hear of buyers’ fears of competing against cash buyers. As a Bay Area native, I have witnessed many of my friends move away to more affordable cities, partly due to high real estate prices and the frustration of competing […]

How to Maximize Your Profit From Homeownership

By Ken DeLeon | Founder One of the fundamental reasons why I left the practice of law for real estate was because I felt that real estate as an investment asset class had not been optimized. While stocks and other assets can be good, profitable investments, there is no better asset class to purchase in […]

Summer Splash: Buy a Home Before the New School Year

By Michael Repka, ESQ. | CEO & General Counsel Buyers often say they would like to purchase a home over the summer and settle in before the new school year starts. Nevertheless, the majority of listings are brought onto the market during two windows of time: spring and fall. In effect, the summer becomes a […]

Silicon Valley: World Leader in Innovation

By Ken DeLeon, ESQ | Founder I was invited to an international real estate conference in South America to discuss what factors led to Silicon Valley’s rise, and how it consistently reinvents itself through continual innovation. This article explores what unique factors led to Silicon Valley’s explosive growth. By identifying these, other regions can follow […]

Resolving Real Estate Disputes

By Michael Repka, ESQ. | CEO & General Counsel Most real estate transactions close without a hitch. Agents on both sides explain the rights and responsibilities to their clients, and everyone does as required and expected. By and large, agents are competent and thorough, and buyers and sellers are reasonable. But, things don’t always go […]

Neighborhood Spotlight: Green Gables of Palo Alto

By Rob Parish | Realtor® | Attorney | Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto Buyer Specialist For savvy buyers wanting access to the premier schools located in North Palo Alto, the Green Gables neighborhood has traditionally been viewed as the value option. With beautiful parks, tree-lined streets, easy access to commute corridors, and two neighborhood-focused shopping […]